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Poppin' in the Club: Early Summer Jams

by Jason Gubbels

Poppin' in the Club: Early Summer Jams

About this playlist

We know how it is. You aren't making it out to the trendy dance clubs as often as you'd like to, certainly not during the workweek. And even on those nights when you do make the trek (and pay the exorbitant cover fee), the DJ isn't hitting the right grooves for you. Plus, the drinks are overpriced and parking is a nightmare.

Napster can't offer you any strobe lights or watered-down cosmos, but we can help re-create the vibe of a cool discotheque or nightclub via our accompanying playlist, two hours of DJ-approved cuts that have been filling up early summer 2014 dancefloors across the nation. No messing around, either -- you'll find nothing but bona fide pop smashes from Katy Perry, Lady Gaga, Jason Derulo and perennial favorite Cher, all remixed and pumped up to meet the hungry demands of nocturnal revelers. We've thrown a few slower numbers from John Legend and Mariah Carey into the mix to help you catch your breath. But then it's right back to getting your groove on. And the best part is, you won't need to call a cab when the party winds down.

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