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Artist Spotlight

P!nk Pr!mer

by Rachel Devitt

P!nk Pr!mer

About this playlist

Our Lady of Perpetual Badassery. Maker of hard-partying, tough-talking, fierce-loving pop music who seems to live exactly as she sings. The kind of woman who can break our hearts with her pathos and scare the crap out of us -- sometimes at the same time (remember those death-defying "Glitter in the Air" aerial performances?). P!nk has been a fixture on the pop charts for more than a decade now (yes, really!), a feat that we can attribute to some pretty killer songs (special shout-out to Linda Perry!) and, especially, her formidable voice. But Ms. Alecia Moore's charm and success is in no small part also the result of her accessibility. She's the kind of artist you want to have a beer with -- and be when you grow up. She's the kind of pop star who's in a position (and not afraid) to say and do the things you don't have the balls to -- even as she exposes her own vulnerabilities to millions of people. She's at once larger-than-life (that name! that hair!) and as familiar as your childhood BFF. And all those complexities are embodied in her impressive discography. Relive every intimate, ferocious moment with our playlist of P!nk's greatest hits, best tracks and most thrilling guest shots!

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