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Artist Spotlight

Phil Anselmo's Universe

by Chuck Eddy

Phil Anselmo's Universe

About this playlist

Phil Anselmo's muscles sure get around. He's obviously most famous for having long fronted Pantera (who naturally get the most songs on this mix), but his doomier current band, Down, aren't far behind, and most fans probably remember his early '00s groovecore unit Superjoint Ritual. This summer he toured in support of his new solo career with a backing band called the Illegals. But that's only the beginning.

Anselmo has also had many brief, obscure side projects over the years -- many of them released on Housecore Records, the indie label he owns, and a number of them represented here as well: Arson Anthem (Southern hardcore), Christ Inversion (black metal), Viking Crown (more black metal), Body & Blood (dark acoustic). From 1997 to 2001, using the pseudonym Anton Crowley, he guitared for the Ohio death metal crew Necrophagia. And he's guested on tracks by all sorts of other bands: backing vocals on Anthrax, Biohazard, Crowbar, Rob Halford, Jarboe and Soilent Green recordings; "handmade special effects" on a 2010 album by the Texas thrash team Warbeast. Those tracks are gathered on this playlist, too. So be careful -- or get hurt.

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