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Artist Spotlight

P-Funk Universe

by Mosi Reeves

P-Funk Universe


About this playlist

We often talk of P-Funk as if it were a singular genre instead of a primary axis for two bands, Parliament and Funkadelic. Our unintentional homage is testament to the collective's sprawling discography as well as its lasting impact on world culture. It consisted of a few dozen musicians led by George Clinton, including Bernie Worrell, Eddie Hazel, Garry Shider and Lynn Mabry; former James Brown players like Bootsy Collins, Fred Wesley and Maceo Parker; former Ohio Player Junie Morrison; and former Spinners singer Philippe Wynne. Their individual projects while serving in the P-Funk Army -- many of them orchestrated by Clinton -- as well as their varied adventures following the group's '70s heyday make for a winding journey chronicled by a global P-Funk cult. It spans Clinton's latter-day P-Funk Allstars jam sessions, offshoots like Brides of Funkenstein and Parlet, and even rogue outfits created by musicians that felt cheated by Clinton, like the appropriately titled Mutiny and Funkadelic, the latter a copycat version of the original mothership. The cosmic slop runs deep.

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