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New Release Sampler, 6/18/2013

by Dan Weiss

New Release Sampler, 6/18/2013

About this playlist

Huge week for rap this week with two upstarts following up No. 1 albums: the self-effacing J. Cole's "Crooked Smile" and Dirty Projectors-assisted "She Knows," and the newly phantasmagoric Mac Miller with "Bird Call" and "Watching Movies" to throw his suburban fan base a curveball. But nothing compares to Yeezus , from who else but Kanye West, where he declares himself a god on the heels of new fatherhood, which is even more boldly referenced in the "Strange Fruit"-interpolating "Blood on the Leaves," whereas "Guilt Trip"'s musical playground is more akin to a psychedelic Nintendo game. On the alternative front, longtime drifters Sigur Ros get (relatively) heavy with "Isjaki" and Primal Scream twist their nostalgic sensibilities on "Sideman" and "Turn Each Other Inside Out." Kelly Rowland takes a shot at Beyonce's pop throne with the irresistible "Freak" and jaw-droppingly candid "Dirty Laundry," and Empire of the Sun fill the old Daft Punk void with "Alive" and "Old Flavours." All this and more in this week's roundup.