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Muse's Most Bombastic Moments

by Stephanie Benson

Muse's Most Bombastic Moments

About this playlist

Perhaps compiling "Muse's Most Bombastic Moments" is a fruitless task -- what Muse song isn't bombastic on some level? So think of this instead as a "greatest hits" of sorts from the Brit rockers, which means a whole lot of apocalyptic/dystopic/entropic hyperbole sung to roof-shattering falsetto heights as rock-opera arrangements threaten to blow the whole dang house down. Sure, these guys started out sounding a lot like Radiohead with their 1999 debut, Showbiz, but since, they've only gotten bigger, bolder and brasher; heck, they've even conquered the hearts of Twi-hards. So put down your copy of 1984, prepare your rations and tune in for doomsday -- here's the official soundtrack.