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Modern Salsa's Sexiest Crooners

by Rachel Devitt

Modern Salsa's Sexiest Crooners

About this playlist

What makes a good salsa song? A sizzling son rhythm is important, of course. And naturally, you need a blazing hot rhythm section to knock it out, along with vivacious horns and, ideally, a passionate piano. But the sweet thing that can really make a bit of son sing, that little bit of azucar on top of that heady mix, is when the vocalist has the seductive, apasionado pipes to seal the deal. We pulled together a pulse-racing, heart-pounding mix of contemporary salsa's sexiest singers, artists like NG2, Victor Manuelle and Marc Anthony who know just how to croon their way through a song -- and who sing with clear, sheer joy. It's guaranteed to make you weak in the knees -- but not too weak to keep you from dancing!

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