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Liner Notes

Luny Tunes, Reggaeton Giant

by Rachel Devitt

Luny Tunes, Reggaeton Giant

About this playlist

They helmed the compilation(s) that put reggaeton on the map (2003's Mas Flow and, even more, the 2005 follow-up Mas Flow 2). They've produced or remixed tracks for virtually every major reggaeton artist who ever swaggered his or her way up the charts. And in the process, Dominican duo Luny Tunes have become stars themselves -- and virtually synonymous with the genre they helped create. Relive the highs, hits and serious flow credited to Francisco Saldaña and Victor Cabrera, from "Gasolina" to "Rakata," Ivy Queen to [Don Omar](art.6639830], Angel y Khriz to Zion. Can you make a reggaeton track without Luny Tunes? Well, sure, but why would you?

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