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Lollapalooza 1995 Revisited

by Dan Weiss

Lollapalooza 1995 Revisited


About this playlist

This was definitely the year The Simpsons' "Homerpalooza" episode had in mind when it spoofed the festival, meaning it was reaching its zeitgeist culturally, and the music was peaking too. Having subtly shifted from funk metal to indie rock as its central force, Lollapalooza in 1995 had such "slacker" luminaries as Beck, Pavement and Sonic Youth headlining. Plus there was a newly moody Cypress Hill, a devastated Courtney Love fronting Hole at their peak, and a side stage that ran the gamut from "Gangsta's Paradise" megahit mogul Coolio to ultimate cult rockers Thomas Jefferson Slave Apartments. Meanwhile, the band that stole the scene in Clueless, The Mighty Mighty Bosstones, ushered in a whole new era for ska.

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