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Latin Grammy Lifetime Achievement Awards 2013

by Judy Cantor-Navas

Latin Grammy Lifetime Achievement Awards 2013

About this playlist

The icons whose lengthy careers are being honored this year by the Latin Recording Academy represent the diversity of Latin music and the power of its appeal to a wide audience. Cuba's Juan Formell of Los Van Van fame and Nuyorican Eddie Palmieri have each revolutionized tropical dance music, and the voice of Venezuela's Oscar D'Leon has carried salsa far and wide for decades. Other artists being honored for their lifetime achievements at the 2013 Latin Grammy Awards in November include Bossa Nova composer Roberto Menescal; Toto La Momposina, master and messenger of Colombian musical traditions; Palito Ortega, Argentina's answer to Frank Sinatra; and Miguel Rios, Spain's "King of the Twist." Listen to these artists, whose musical contributions have shaped Latin music over the past century -- and from the sound of it, have had a great time doing it!

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