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Label Spotlight: Mom + Pop

by Napster

Label Spotlight: Mom + Pop


About this playlist

For six years now, the boutique label Mom + Pop Music has existed on the periphery of indie and alternative's future, from mad distortion scientists like Sleigh Bells, who take both parts of "noise pop" to their logical limits with songs like "Crown on the Ground" and "Infinity Guitars", to Ingrid Michaelson's post-twee, commercial-ready tracks like "Girls Chase Boys". They've fostered everything from Andrew Bird's bookish conservatory pop to Tokyo Police Club's epic alt-revival (don't miss this year's bouncy "Hot Tonight" or fist-pumping "Miserable" or 2010's elegiac anthem "Favourite Food"). And the label has a knack for catchiness: Jagwar Ma's "Come Save Me" adds power pop vocal flexing to a typically summery indie dance tune, while Neon Indian's "Fallout" has to be the most relaxed (and beautiful) bummer of a breakup song ever. And just try to escape Metric's "Youth Without Youth" or "The Void" without humming Emily Haines' impeccable riffs later.

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