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Label Spotlight

Label Spotlight: Body High

by Napster

Label Spotlight: Body High


Don't let the name fool you: The Los Angeles label Body High is as heady a trip as it is visceral. Run by the DJ/producers Jerome LOL and Samo Sound Boy, Body High specializes in a hybrid kind of club music, one that draws from a number of hyper-specialized local sounds and niche styles like Jersey club, Chicago ghetto house, British grime and the ballroom scene.

The label's first release, in late 2011, came from DJ Dodger Stadium -- an alias for Jerome LOL and Samo Sound Boy themselves, paying tribute to their hometown. Subsequent records have come mostly from relative newcomers like Jim-E Stack, Myrryrs and Grown Folk member Motions, although the legendary house producer Todd Edwards -- a favorite of Daft Punk -- has also recorded for Body High.

Next month, DJ Dodger Stadium will release their debut album, Friend of Mine. Intended in part as a tribute to Ask the Dust, John Fante's iconic novel of Depression-era Los Angeles, it's nevertheless a thrillingly modern album, spinning brittle house and techno beats together with dazzlingly looped and harmonized vocals. (Despite its L.A. origins and its emphasis on American dance-music subcultures, it frequently evokes the hypnotic vibe and linear structures of Kompakt's Michael Mayer and Superpitcher.) In the meantime, get acquainted with Body High with our playlist of highlights.

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