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John Morales: M + M Mixes and Beyond

by Jason Gubbels

John Morales: M + M Mixes and Beyond

About this playlist

Fans of house music, disco and extended mixes might remember coming across the legendary "M + M Mix" emblazoned on the back of any number of DJ sleeves during the 1980s, thick slabs of funky dance music embedded with infectious Latin percussion that never overpowered the spirit of the original cuts. "M + M" stood for John Morales and Sergio Munzibai, two dance enthusiasts who partnered on some 600 edits and remixes from 1982 through 1990, lending their talents to artists as lauded as Barry White ("Let the Music Play") and DeBarge (the lovely "You Wear It Well") as well as such in-crowd favorites as Shakatak (noted 12-inch "Down on the Street") and Odyssey (the extended "Weekend").

Morales and Munzibai deployed a light touch compared to some of their contemporaries; unlike legendary remixer Walter Gibbons, the M + M team rarely messed with a given song's structure or drew attention to their own production, preferring to lovingly embellish disco and soul cuts with small touches even as they helped push a track's running time into club-worthy realms. Although Munzibai died in 1992 at the young age of 40, Morales has continued offering edits in the spirit of M + M's original run. You can sample some of the duo's famed output on Morales' ongoing collection series from the vaults (check out The M + M Mixes, Vol. 2). Or you can try this playlist, which scrounges up rare edits from any number of singles, EPs, club cuts and alternative mixes, all proudly showcasing the John Morales touch.