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It's J-Lo's World (We Just Live in It)

by Rachel Devitt

It's J-Lo's World (We Just Live in It)

About this playlist

That title might sound like a crack about Jennifer Lopez being something of a diva -- and OK, maybe it is, just a little. But really, who deserves to work a bit of divatude more? In just 42 short years, the indefatigable Ms. Lopez has conquered virtually every arena of popular culture: dancing, acting, music, fashion, tabloids, celebrity (and sometimes controversial) relationships, high-profile pregnancies and, now, American Idol. The woman doesn't rest, either: She could have just rested on her laurels in her cushy new Idol judge gig, content to mentor wannabes and issue a grande dame's grand edicts. Instead, she went ahead and showed the whipper-snappers how a diva does, dropping first a smash hit new single ("On the Floor") and now this week, her seventh studio album, Love?. No one has earned that definite article more. In honor of that new album and La Lopez's general fabulousness, we've compiled a little tribute to all the hats she's rocked over the years. All her greatest hits are here, along with tracks representing all the people and places to which her reach has extended: her breakout gig as a backup dancer for Janet Jackson, her first leading film role as Latin pop phenomenon Selena, her many high-profile collaborations (musical and otherwise), her Idol connections and more. So sit up, pay attention and listen hard because a diva to be reckoned with is in the house, people.