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Jason Aldean's Greatest Hits

by Linda Ryan

Jason Aldean's Greatest Hits

About this playlist

Jason Aldean is a little bit country and a little bit (Southern) rock 'n' roll. Whether he's celebrating small-town life or big blue-collar dreams, the country superstar grabs hold and gives it all he's got. You don't have to look any further than such hits as "Big Green Tractor" and "Dirt Road Anthem" to hear it in this Georgia boy's voice. It's a sound, genuine and heartfelt, that clearly resonates with listeners.

Known for a somewhat bombastic approach to his music, Aldean isn't afraid to break out the guitars and shred like a "proper" rock star. It's what sets him apart from the current crop of country artists -- and he'll be the first to tell you that purists may not go for his sound. But if you have friends who think they hate country music, chances are this is the guy who'll change their minds. Just try to resist the pounding drums and ringing guitars of the anthemic "My Kinda Party."

So time for a little history lesson. His first single, "Hicktown," emerged in 2005 and landed in the country Top 10; "Amarillo Sky," his first No. 1, soon followed, and the momentum hasn't slowed. And thanks to more recent hits like "Don't You Wanna Stay" (a duet with Kelly Clarkson) and "Dirt Road Anthem" (which spawned its own Ludacris-starring remix), Aldean's music is reaching a wider and wider audience. With the October 2012 release of his fifth album, Night Train, now's a good time to shine a light on his distinctive brand of country. So here are Jason's Aldean hottest singles, including his latest, "Take a Little Ride."

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