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Hispanic Heritage

Hispanic Heritage: Regional Reworkings

by Rachel Devitt

Hispanic Heritage: Regional Reworkings

About this playlist

It's basically the job of children to take what their parents gave them -- be it advice, knowledge, culture, whatever -- and mess it up, right? OK, OK, maybe not mess it up so much as build on it, over it and on top of it to create something at once entirely new and drenched in tradition. That's what the innovative young artists on this playlist have done: These Latino American artists have taken regional Mexican music they grew up with and around -- banda, norteño, ranchera, mariachi -- and "messed it up" with hip-hop, electronic beats, pop hooks and more to create tweaked and twerked modern styles that speak to their own cross-border, cross-cultural experiences. Check out the "regional 2.0" sounds of artists like Akwid, Jae-P, Sistema Bomb and Raul y Mexia (who literally rework the sounds of their father, Los Tigres del Norte vocalist/bassist Hernan Hernandez).

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