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Senior Year

Senior Year, 1983: Fast Times at Hesher High

by Chuck Eddy

Senior Year, 1983: Fast Times at Hesher High


About this playlist

It's 1983. MTV's still all foofy fake New Wave pop crap from England, and you're stuck in the middle of nowhere in your acid-washed jeans and Quiet Riot-patched denim jacket and greasy zits and hockey hair, bored out of your teenaged mind behind a locked door in your mom's house, and you just wanna rock \m/!! These are lonely times to be a hesher decent AC/DC and Alice Cooper and Van Halen albums are already seeming like a distant memory (Diver Down?? Who the heck were they fooling with that one?), and speed metal and hair metal have barely even started to stir, much less split the world in two. So if you want good metal, you'll have to hunt for it and maybe even settle for the occasional Journey or Night Ranger (or Pat Benatar or Joan Jett, for that matter) song. Which is cool, 'cause they kinda rock too, right? At this point, Survivor's not that far from Dokken! But what you really crave is the real stuff, and you're gonna find it even if you have to spend paper-route money on a Kerrang subscription to learn what "NWOBHM" spells. Today's your lucky day, 'cause we're here to help. This playlist piles on 50 count 'em, 50 tunes from the era: couple AOR ringers, maybe, but mainly heavy Chevy Novas to boost your metal health. Metal on metal, as Anvil put it. Because dudester, your mullet deserves to bang.