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Heavy Metal Goes Clubbin'

Heavy Metal Goes Clubbin'


At first blush, the thought of heavy metal as club music seems, well, absurd. Metal and dance music appear to be oil and water -- particularly if one's noggin is infested with dated stereotypes about metalheads and how all of them are parking-lot heshers forever huffing gasoline and banging heads to "Breaking the Law." Of course, I'm by no means implying the opposite is nowadays true (i.e. yesterday's Judas Priest fanatic is today's glowstick-twirling Tiësto raver). Since the '90s, however, the two genres certainly have intersected in a variety of ways that have helped bring them closer together.

The most significant examples fall under the industrial metal umbrella. Ministry, Nine Inch Nails, Rob Zombie/White Zombie and Marilyn Manson all have found ways to fuse crunchy, hard-raging riffs to dystopian-stained dance beats (whose roots generally go back to the mid-'80s EBM scene). Consequently, each of these acts has released its fair share of remixes and edits through the years. Manson's [Slo-Mo-Tion: Remix EP] even boasts a pair of remixes from Sandwell District, one of the hippest production teams in underground techno.

Other key cross-pollinations are to be found in the nü metal movement. Having worked with high-profile producers Skrillex, Noisia, Datsik and others, Korn have proven really rather curious about the current EDM explosion. The group's The Paradigm Shift finds them further developing their brawny mix of funk metal, hip-hop and American "brostep." Though not quite as adventurous, Linkin Park's work with Jay-Z (namely the Collision Course album from 2004) should also be noted for its attempt at hip-hip/urban crossover via mashups, remixes, edits, etc.

In addition to all the artists mentioned thus far, our Heavy Metal Goes Clubbin' playlist boasts selections from Sepultura, Andrew W.K., Kottonmouth Kings, Limp Bizkit, Slipknot, Puscifer, Fear Factory and many others. Now get listening!

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