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Friday Fan Mix

Friday Fan Mix: Totally Weird Tunes

by Stephanie Benson

Friday Fan Mix: Totally Weird Tunes

About this playlist

Welcome to Napster's Friday Fan Mix, a series in which we compile song suggestions from our fans and followers on Facebook, Twitter and beyond. Last week, we gathered some of the best (and sometimes most annoying) Songs That Get Stuck in Your Head, but this week we look at music that's a little less, um, accessible. It's time to wave that freak flag and let loose that totally weird version of yourself you're often too hesitant to expose. No judgments here, folks, especially when you've got people like Tiny Tim, Yoko Ono, Captain Beefheart, Crazy Joe, Frank Zappa and Ween to contend with. So, behold the wacky brilliance of tracks like "Help Me Scrape the Mucus Off My Brain," "Don't Eat the Yellow Snow," "Know Your Chicken," and, well, the whole dang Lou Reed album Metal Machine Music.

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