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Electronic Top 10, March/April 2012

by Philip Sherburne

Electronic Top 10, March/April 2012


This month, reflecting the hodgepodge that is the world of electronic dance music, we take in a whole heap of beats in a whole mess of delivery systems, from albums to EPs to one-track singles.

Topping off the list is the British dubstep artist Rusko. That a dubstep artist makes it all the way to recording a full album is a rarity; that he or she makes it to a follow-up is rarer still. Rusko has not only done that, he has come up with a crowd-pleasing collection of anthems that plays to the big tent without losing its sense of roots. Burial's new EP, meanwhile, finds the shadow-dwelling London producer doing exactly what he does best, and fans of his moody, murky beats aren't going to mind at all.

Other highlights include the techno showdown between former bandmates Vince Clarke and Martin Gore, and spooky electronics from Berlin's Monolake. Read on, and check out our March/April Electronic Roundup playlist for even more new music.