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Electronic Top 10, April 2012

by Philip Sherburne

Electronic Top 10, April 2012


The only unifying thread in this month's crop of outstanding electronic-music releases is that there is no unifying thread -- often, even within a single album. Take Battles' Dross Glop, for instance: handing their music over to a diverse crew of remixers (Gui Boratto, Gang Gang Dance, The Boredom's Yamantaka EYE), the knotty post-rockers unspool in a dozen directions at once. Also on Warp Records, Clark hammers his signature IDM sound into a flexible sheet that extends to Krautrock and warped '60s pop. Morphology is definitely on DVA's mind, as he twists and turns in the interstices between opposing forces, while King Britt and Slugabed both bend funk's established forms to their own idiosyncratic designs. To really show how far "electronic" music's energies can travel, Trevor Jackson and Belle and Sebastian both offer compilations that seesaw between the past and the future.