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Electronic Roundup, October 2011

by Philip Sherburne

Electronic Roundup, October 2011


Electronic dance music has been enjoying an unusual amount of exposure lately, reflecting the music's rising stateside popularity. The bulk of the spotlight, though, tends to fall on the crossover sensations your Skrillexes and Swedish House Mafias and Afrojacks.

That's fine and reasonable. But beyond the mega-clubs, the festival main stages and other Twitter- and TMZ-friendly events like Tiesto's performance last week at the 26,000-seat Home Depot Center in L.A., billed as "the largest single-DJ event in U.S. history" there's a wealth of music that doesn't get talked about outside specialist sites and geek-friendly forums. That's understandable, too released as singles and spun by obscure DJs, a lot of independent, underground dance music doesn't exactly lend itself to coverage in your local daily newspaper.

But if you really want to hear where the music's headed, take the Billboard dance charts with a grain of salt and head for the shadowier corners of the scene, where pleasing 26,000 fans at a single pop is less important than taking risks, going deep and getting strange. To that end, explore the state of house, techno and bass music with the selections below, from Chicago-inspired deep house straight outta Ukraine to Japanese techno via Uruguay.