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Electronic Roundup, April 2011
Electronic Roundup, April 2011

by Philip Sherburne

Here on Napster, we have the habit of emphasizing albums over singles. But when it comes to electronic music, that strategy kind of misses the boat, given that dance music, in particular, is a singles genre.

So here's an attempt to rectify that with a new format: the top 10 tracks in electronic/dance music from the past month (or so).

It's a highly subjective list: fans of commercial club music might not agree with it. Its parameters are also, admittedly, rather fuzzy: some tracks date from more than a month ago, and a few might only marginally qualify as "electronic music." But that kind of flexibility is both the beauty and the curse of the genre.

We've brought together disco, dubstep, techno and more; read on to discover fantastic new music from Bibio, Kode9, Metronomy, Actress and others.