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Artist Spotlight

Eleanor Friedberger Looks Back

by Dan Weiss

Eleanor Friedberger Looks Back


About this playlist

Her brother Matthew often gets the credit as the mad scientist, prog-Frankenstein studio genius, but Eleanor Friedberger is the one who gave The Fiery Furnaces their palatability and sweetness, not to mention charm and wit ("Don't you wish your little boy was cute like mine?" she sang deviously on their debut album's "Worry Worry"). Her just-out second solo album, Personal Record, is the best thing she's done since the Furnaces' debut for mostly those reasons, as well as the lush vistas of melody on tracks like "Other Boys" and "She's a Mirror" where forbidding suites like "Blueberry Boat" and crazy jams like "Navy Nurse" used to be.

Here's a look back at the highlights of her sometimes frustrating, always novel career. There's definitely stuff you may have missed; for instance, check out the controversial Rehearsing My Choir's acoustic "Seven Silver Curses" or I'm Going Away's super-catchy "Keep Me in the Dark."

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