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Double Threats: Pop Stars on the Big Screen

by Rachel Devitt

Double Threats: Pop Stars on the Big Screen

About this playlist

If you've felt like Rihanna's face has been following you everywhere you go lately, you're not (just) going crazy: you're witnessing the Riri-focused ad campaign for Battleship (you read that right -- they made a movie out of the board game). In her feature film debut, the pop star plays Petty Officer Cora Raikes, a weapons specialist. We, for one, are very curious to see what our favorite good girl gone bad can do with a script, a green screen and some serious battleship-sinking artillery. Will her acting career follow the path of the artist formerly known as the Fresh Prince? Or will she take more after (beloved, extraordinary) pop star/(much-maligned) actor Madonna? While the world decides, we figured we ought to at least pair Riri up with her fellow singing thespians. Some of pop's best Double Threats were cast for this playlist, which focuses primarily on the songs they contributed to their big films' soundtracks and the music they were making at the time their acting star began to rise.