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Liner Notes

Diplo's Global Empire

by Philip Sherburne

Diplo's Global Empire

About this playlist

Blackberry couldn't have picked a much better brand ambassador than Diplo, the globetrotting DJ/producer/label-head/cool-hunter/social-media maven. Not only does dude log more air miles than George Clooney's character in Up in the Air, all the while tweeting as though his fingers were glued to the keys, he also has what must be one of the longest contact lists in the music business. He's the epitome of the hyper-connected modern mover and shaker.

Indeed, since his coproductions for M.I.A. on her debut album, 2005's Arular, Diplo has gone on to produce tracks for Drake, Die Antwoord, Snoop Dogg, Robyn, Beyoncé, Lil Wayne, Usher, Justin Bieber and scads more artists, big and small. (And that's not counting the many artists featured on his own releases, from Tiesto to Busta Rhymes, or the cameo-packed free-for-all of his group Major Lazer.) What is it that makes so many artists (or artists' managers) want to get Diplo behind the boards? Listen to two hours of his productions and coproductions for the aforementioned artists (plus Amanda Blank, Kreayshawn, Bruno Mars and more), and crack the Diplodocus code.

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