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Country Music's Best Horse Songs

by Jim Allen

Country Music's Best Horse Songs

About this playlist

There's at least some truth in almost every cliché, especially when it comes to country music. The notion that the genre is overflowing with songs about trucks and beer didn't exactly pop up by accident, after all. Similarly, stereotype or not, there's no shortage of songs about horses in the country canon. Don't forget, back in the days when they were still calling it country & western, the western part came from the world of cowboy songs, and those cowboys weren't exactly riding around on llamas. And though that side of the C&W fence has offered up its share of classics, going all the way back to old-school cowboy saints like Roy Rogers and Gene Autry, country music has always continued to keep the equestrian tradition alive. Everybody from Toby Keith to Big & Rich has had a crack at a horse song at some point; in other words, it ain't just a prairie thing. Here's a solid stable of horsey hits to keep you sitting tall in the saddle.

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