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Controversial Pop Stars

by Rachel Devitt

Controversial Pop Stars

About this playlist

At least since Elvis shook his pelvis on live TV (and, really, long before), pop stars, pop songs and controversy have gone together like peanut butter, bananas and bacon. Lately, Miley Cyrus has been helpfully providing us with some very good exemplification of that rule -- with a good deal of assistance from the rabid, bloodthirsty blog/Twitter/Internet sphere and Sinead O'Connor (a lady who knows from controversy herself). Our two cents on all the hullabaloo? Sounds like the makings of an awesome playlist! So we made one, chock full of pop's top controversy-churning stars and their most scandalous songs, from Prince's butt-baring performance of "Gett Off" at the VMAs to Robin Thicke's (Miley's partner in controversy this summer) girl-baring video for "Blurred Lines," from Madonna doing "Like a Virgin" at the VMAs to, well, Madonna doing "Like a Prayer." Get scandalized!

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