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Classic Rock Workout: Sweaty Grooves

by Justin Farrar

Classic Rock Workout: Sweaty Grooves


About this playlist

We first increased your heart rates with our Big Riffs mix. It's now time to hit peak levels with the second installment in our Classic Rock Workout series: SWEATY GROOVES. The immortal Loverboy once declared "Everybody's working for the weekend." That's exactly the kind of take-no-prisoners attitude the gym demands. Our goal is 100% efficiency, as you crunch those abs and flex those buns to many of classic rock's most hard-driving tunes, including "Another One Bites the Dust," "Rebel Yell," "Hot Blooded," "Any Way You Want It" and Grand Funk Railroad's wildly exhilarating "Got This Thing on the Move." But hey, not every jam in our killer mix is a high-octane beast geared toward maximum cardio intensity. For all you chiseled bruisers out there who enjoy hanging out by the free weights, we offer you a handful of grinders perfect for heavy lifting, like Joan Jett's "I Love Rock 'N' Roll," Rush's "Working Man" and James Gang's thunderous throwdown "Funk #49." If Sweaty Grooves doesn't inspire your body to do its job like it's never done it before (thank you, Dennis Reynolds), then we don't know what will. Suit up. Turn it up. Get ripped!

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