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Celebrity Playlist: Us the Duo

by Linda Ryan

Celebrity Playlist: Us the Duo

About this playlist

The story of Us the Duo is the kind that only happens in romance novels. Picture the scene: a bright, sunny day in Southern California. Michael Alvarado, a 20-something with somewhat unruly hair and dark eyes, is on the set of a video shoot as an extra. The North Carolina native strikes up a conversation with the striking Carissa Rae, who is also at the video shoot as an extra.

Within hours of meeting, Alvarado told one of his friends that he had found the woman he was going to marry. After courting long-distance for a year, the two got married. In their spare time, they wrote songs to each other and, on a lark, they started posting videos of themselves singing covers. They got really, really obsessed with it and were consistent enough to eventually grow a loyal following of over 3.3 million Vine followers and 25 million views.

With their second album, No Matter Where You Are, climbing up the charts, we asked the couple to make us a playlist. What they gave us was an amazing mix of romantic jazz-vocal standards so amorous you can't help but feel the bond these two soulmates have. "One of our favorite things to do is eat. We're big-time foodies and make dinner dates as an excuse to chow down on amazing cuisine and enjoy each other's company," Carissa tells us. Hit play for a sweet dinnertime soundtrack, if your taste buds are craving some romance.

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