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Celebrity Playlist: Terry McDermott

by Linda Ryan

Celebrity Playlist: Terry McDermott

About this playlist

Terry McDermott made his mark while competing as a member of Team Blake during Season 3 on The Voice. For those who need a little more description, he was the Scottish-born guy with the cool Faces-era Rod Stewart-meets-Paul Weller hairdo who nailed every classic rock staple his mentor threw at him. Every. Single. One. Here, McDermott gives us an exclusive playlist of some of his favorite tracks. The list flows seamlessly from classic rock staples to Brit-pop gems to even a shining moment from country's Crystal Gayle. (Hmmm … maybe Blake Shelton put him up to that one?) More about the playlist in Terry's words:

These songs read to me like a list of great moments in my life: being in the back of the car while my dad played "Water of Love" on the cassette deck, the vitality of hearing "Imagine" for the first time as a child, the sheer devastation of hearing Biffy Clyro live in Seattle, and the endless nights as a teenager listening to the guitar layers on "Leave Them All Behind" by Ride with the headphones on and my eyes closed. I'll never forget the radio station in the U.K. playing "History" by The Verve as they announced the band had split. I feel a little gutted every time I hear that first note. Every song takes me somewhere. I'm sure thousands upon thousands of people have been there too.