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Britpop Goes Prog

by Dan Weiss

Britpop Goes Prog

About this playlist

From Talk Talk to Everything Everything, progressive rock is no stranger to Britpop in the alt rock era, though its influence has never been quite as sizeable as in the last five years, where prog's been no stranger to indie rock either. But from Radiohead's spiral into dark electronic music most reminiscent of Flying Lotus' dubstep fusion to Muse's stadium-sized Queen tributes, a new crop of bands that may've taken cues from Coldplay years ago are now playing with strange time signatures, vocal affectations and odd arrangements. Foals and Everything Everything lead the "math-rock" brigade of pointillistic, jerky rhythms, while Alt-J and Django Django rule the radio, and the unclassifiable Max Tundra makes egghead puzzles from virtuoso '80s guitar and electronics.

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