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Artist Spotlight

Artist Spotlight: Relient K

by Wendy Lee Nentwig

Artist Spotlight: Relient K

About this playlist

Sitting in church one Sunday night, I noticed a 20-something sitting a few seats away. He was attending the service with his parents and had the studiously unkempt appearance of a college student. That impression was solidified when I noticed he had taken off his shoes. Now, my Nashville church is pretty laid back, but most people wear shoes. That's when I realized, that's not a college student, it's Matt Thiessen. (Thiessen is in his early 30s.) That run-in with Relient K's frontman aptly sums up the band. They're Christian music's version of Peter Pan: They'll never really grow up. And why would we want them to? These lost boys bring their own brand of magic and mischief that has been making them stand out for 15+ years.

Relient K date back to founding members Thiessen and Matt Hoopes' high school days in Ohio. They formed the band, named after an uncool car by Plymouth, and released seven full-length discs (including the new Collapsible Lung), five EPs and a Christmas record. Three of those studio efforts have been certified gold, and they've racked up several hit singles, a Grammy nod, two Dove Awards and performances on Leno, Conan and Jimmy Kimmel.

Their smart punk-pop sound and tongue-in-cheek lyrics continue to win them fans. From their self-titled 2000 debut (with a cover that features them in sweatsuits, jumping hurdles) to the critically acclaimed Mmhmm and the commercially successful Five Score and Seven Years Ago, it's easy to see they're having fun. Find out just how much fun they can be with this career-spanning playlist.

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