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Artist Spotlight

Artist Spotlight: Five Finger Death Punch

Artist Spotlight: Five Finger Death Punch


Five Finger Death Punch's climb to rock stardom has been fast and furious. Though the Los Angeles outfit came together less than a decade ago, in that time they've released five full-lengths and toured the world with the likes of Korn, Chimaira, All That Remains and Disturbed. Their sound has evolved, too. While Five Finger's first two albums -- [The Way of the Fist] and War Is the Answer -- were rooted in thrashy groove metal, 2011's American Capitalist and this year's The Wrong Side of Heaven and the Righteous Side of Hell, Volumes 1 and 2, find them expanding their sound to include soaring, arena-friendly choruses inspired by post-grunge.

But what hasn't changed through the years is Five Finger's love for outrageous imagery and lyricism. In addition to album art informed by video games and graphic novels, nearly every bruising jam they've penned -- from "The Bleeding" and "Back for More" to "Lift Me Up" and "Battle Born" -- is either about kicking ass and taking names or stupid stuff that pisses them off. But there is a winning humor underlying it all. Of course, it's a locker-room humor that's really rather obnoxious, but it helps to know that Five Finger Death Punch don't take themselves too seriously.

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