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Artist Spotlight

Artist Spotlight: Bob Mould

by Dan Weiss

Artist Spotlight: Bob Mould


Few can claim "I Hate Alternative Rock" with the credentials of Bob Mould, who was there for its conception, if not himself part of the big bang, as a founder in the groundbreaking, seminal band Husker Dü, as well as Sugar, a group also good enough to survey the landscape with authority. His solo stuff has never quite matched the memorable fury of those two bands, but it's been as consistent and reliable, despite surprises of its own ("[Shine Your] Light Love Hope" is vocoded dance rock, fusing Mould's roles as both a DJ and punk legend).

Here, we offer some of the best from Mould's lengthy career, including Husker Dü classics like "First of the Last Calls" and "Standing in the Rain," which combined hardcore's blinding, manic intensity with sentiments worthy of power balladry, and Sugar greats like "Your Favorite Thing" and "Mind Is an Island." There are also tracks from his new Beauty & Ruin, including "I Don't Know You Anymore," a classic Husker Dü throwback title with headlong noise pop to match. Mould boasts a hell of a "body of song" for more than three decades going.

With Husker Dü:

1981: Land Speed Record
1982: Everything Falls Apart
1983: Metal Circus
1984: Zen Arcade
1985: New Day Rising
1985: Flip Your Wig
1986: Candy Apple Grey
1987: Warehouse: Songs and Stories

With Sugar:

1992: Copper Blue
1993: Beaster
1994: File Under: Easy Listening


1989: Workbook
1990: Black Sheets of Rain
1996: Bob Mould
1998: The Last Dog and Pony Show
2002: Modulate
2005: Body of Song
2008: District Line
2009: Life and Times
2012: Silver Age
2014: Beauty & Ruin

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