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Artist Spotlight

Artist Spotlight: Bob Dylan

by Napster

Artist Spotlight: Bob Dylan


About this playlist

Brace yourself: Below please find nearly every single Bob Dylan studio recording, from his self-titled 1962 debut to his brand-new (and quite delightful!) Tempest, comprising 30-odd albums in all. (You won't find 1973's justifiably reviled Dylan, which was apparently deep-sixed by everyone involved roundabouts the CD era, if you're a completist about this sort of thing.) It took a half-century for Uncle Bob to build this beast, and it's on the short list for the single most important catalog in American music history. Just so you know.

Which means that summarizing it in anything fewer than 20,000 words is a futile exercise, so let's make this quick: He started as a Woody Guthrie acolyte, he almost immediately became a folk god in his own right, and he bucked against the Voice of His Generation yoke long before Kurt Cobain donned his first flannel. He's been a rocker and/or traitor, a revivalist, a recluse, a prophet, a born-again enigma, a washed-up has-been, a victim of the 1980s' terrible drum sounds, a revitalized elder statesmen, a randy old man who also occasionally does Christmas songs and, most recently, the sort of songwriter who pens a 14-minute ode to the Titanic, or perhaps the film Titanic, or both. Take the rest of the week off and listen to all of these, three times each, and you will see God, or perhaps just realize that maybe he's been singing to you this whole time. Have fun.

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