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Artist Spotlight

Artist Spotlight: Banda El Recodo

by Rachel Devitt

Artist Spotlight: Banda El Recodo

About this playlist

They've been around in one incarnation or another for a whopping 75 years. They've recorded more than 178 albums. They still climb the charts with a monster hit or two every year or two (who wasn't rocking "La Mejor de Todas" last year?). And oh yeah, they basically invented banda, Mexico's brassy genre of massive groups of horns (inspired by the Eastern European bands who immigrated to western Mexico) playing dramatically passionate takes on regional traditions like ranchera and bolero. It's pretty safe to say Banda El Recodo have a track or two worthy of the spotlight -- and the catalog to fill out a whole playlist. Dig into hits, beloved classics, deep cuts and more from the band formed by Don Cruz Lizárraga in 1938 (and carried on by his sons after his death). The playlist features selections from their just-released gazillionth album, Haciendo Historia, including the Napster-exclusive bonus track, "Con La Patas Amarradas."

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