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Artificial Graffiti: The Most Famous Led Zeppelin Ripoffs Ever

by Chuck Eddy

Artificial Graffiti: The Most Famous Led Zeppelin Ripoffs Ever

About this playlist

Led Zeppelin were four singular, superhuman musicians with such an iconic, gigantic sound that any rock band ripping it off is basically setting itself up for failure. Or rather, iconic, gigantic sounds, I should say -- as Robert Plant put it when I interviewed him for Creem magazine way back in the late '80s, "some of it was dance music, some of it was music for folk clubs, some of it was music to play in hippie bookshops." Not to mention Celtic-via-Appalachian-via-Mississippi blues, earth-shattering metal, heavy swinging funk, even a pinch or two of rockabilly and reggae and Ritchie Valens, sometimes all at the same time, and rarely within the capabilities of mere mortals. Another thing Plant did a lot of in that interview was make fun of David Coverdale. And yet Coverdale's band Whitesnake -- and Kingdom Come, The Cult, Soundgarden, Jane's Addiction, Billy Squier, Heart, U2 and several decades' worth of other bands you may never have heard of -- went ahead and tried to Zep things up regardless. Some of them pulled it off better than others.