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Music 101

American Pop's Hispanic Heritage

by Judy Cantor-Navas

American Pop's Hispanic Heritage


About this playlist

The history of American pop music is all too often written only in black and white, but of course, it's always been a much more multicultural affair than that. Specifically, Latinos have made immeasurable contributions to nearly every moment and movement in pop, from Ritchie Valens' son jarocho-driven early rock 'n' roll pioneering to the Latino b-boys and DJs who helped craft hip-hop, from Latino jazzers (like Chano Pozo, who cowrote "Manteca" with Dizzy Gillespie) to pop divas. In honor of Hispanic Heritage Month, which runs from September 15-October 15, let's take a look at American pop's own Hispanic heritage -- starting with this little playlist of just a few leading Latino musical luminaries.

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