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Alt Rock's Sleaziest Come-Ons

by Dan Weiss

Alt Rock's Sleaziest Come-Ons

About this playlist

Let's face it, no matter how progressive alt rockers, punks and indie kids think they might be, there are still plenty of creeps, sleazebags and womanizers among them. Though some of the audio pickup lines collected here are great fun (Aphex Twin's laughably chilling "Come to Daddy," TV on the Radio's uncharacteristically joyous "Make Love All Night Long," Soundgarden's Spinal Tap-worthy "Big Dumb Sex"), some are legitimately horrifying (Stone Temple Pilots' "Sex Type Thing" somehow got a then-unknown band's rape threat on the radio; Toadies' more cryptic "Possum Kingdom" is often theorized to be about the same). Meanwhile, Weezer's paternal or kinky "I'm Your Daddy" surprisingly made it past record company censors, and Old 97's proved sleaze could be romantic with "Barrier Reef," in which Rhett Miller introduces himself as a serial lady killer to the girl he ends up taking home. How sweet.

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