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All-Grown Child Stars

by Rachel Devitt

All-Grown Child Stars

About this playlist

For all its glitz and glory, it's probably pretty clear to most of us by now that child stardom is no picnic. And surviving it into adulthood with career (not to mention personal life!) intact? That's a feat of sheer will and determination (and maybe luck). But lately, a string of success stories has been lighting up the charts (and, thankfully, almost blinding us to the more painful failures. Almost. We can still see you, Lindsay Lohan). We've got Miley Cyrus who, after some awkward missteps, has one of the hottest songs in the country. Then there's Demi Lovato, who appears to have made a full recovery from all her personal troubles (including former child stardom). And don't forget Ariana Grande and Selena Gomez, who seem to have transitioned almost effortlessly into adult pop stardom. Listen to them all here!

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