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'90s Underground Rock Workout Mix

by Seth Colter Walls

'90s Underground Rock Workout Mix

About this playlist

Many of the bands included in this workout mix would like you to keep in mind that going to the gym in order to conform to corporate-media body ideals is a fool's errand. From Sonic Youth's "Swimsuit Issue" to 7 Year Bitch's "8-Ball Deluxe" and L7's "Everglade," cautionary examples of toxic masculinity abound -- and we've included them here to remind you that exercise is best thought of as a route to self-improvement. Think of this playlist as offering a straight-edge style concern for your health, if that helps. (And yes, Fugazi are represented, too, on "Public Witness Program.")

Even if Melvins and The Jesus Lizard don't engage in radical politics on their hard-riffing tracks ("Honey Bucket" and "Boilermaker," respectively), we're drafting them into service anyway, as a reminder of the decade when Babes in Toyland and Mudhoney could attract major-label contracts. Some of these acts, like Beck, obviously crossed over rather successfully. Though even in his case, our mix focuses on a riff that never found much purchase on radio airwaves (unless you count college stations). You could stay indoors all day and night debating where the line between underground and mainstream was, precisely, or you could go out and move around. Click play, and opt for the latter.

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