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50 Game-Changing Female Pop Stars

by Rachel Devitt

50 Game-Changing Female Pop Stars


About this playlist

March is Women's History Month, a great time to remember and honor all the important (and, unfortunately, often overlooked) contributions women have made to culture and society. Here at Napster, we decided to take this opportunity to pay tribute to female artists who have made an indelible mark on pop music. The history of music, like so many elements of culture, is all too often written as a story starring (white) men. And although those contributions are important, of course, they have a habit of hogging the spotlight, while the equally important roles women have played are relegated to the wings. This playlist attempts to put the ladies back in center stage by highlighting just a small group of 50 fabulous female artists who have changed pop music forever, from Ella Fitzgerald to Lady Gaga, Diana Ross to Rihanna, Wanda Jackson to Janet Jackson, Madonna to The Runaways. The best part of this history lesson? It makes for some awesome listening!

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