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Winter's Calling

by Linda Ryan

Winter's Calling


About this playlist

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas, but it takes more than a department store Santa to get some folks into the swing of the season. Christmas cheer? It's just not for everybody. Some days, it feels like it takes too much effort to get into the holiday spirit.

Why is Christmas celebrated in December, anyway? Although Jesus' existence is a historical fact, he wasn't actually born in December. Some say the Catholic church scheduled Christmas this month to coincide with/rival/quash pagan rituals revolving around the winter solstice. If you're going to randomly move Jesus' birthday, though, wouldn't spring be a much better time of year to celebrate the savior? Spring: a time of birth, new beginnings and renewal. It's a much better fit, no?

Meanwhile, back in December, rain and snow pour down from darkened skies. Going out means getting wet, dampening both mind and body. Forget red, white and green -- depressing old gray is color of the season. So if you have a serious case of the bah, humbugs, this playlist is for you. It quietly celebrates the season of winter: crisp and clear nights, silent snowfall, cinnamon and chocolate. These songs deliver their wintry goodness in hushed tones and solemn whispers; toward the end, we throw in a few honest-to-goodness Christmas carols, though taken down a notch. It's more deep than depressing, but the overall vibe is, yes, gray. Gray and cozy. Just like December.

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