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Weird Napster: Lost and Found Sounds

by Chuck Eddy

Weird Napster: Lost and Found Sounds

About this playlist

Steam locomotives! Acetylene torches! Manual typewriters! Street drills! Dump trucks! Alligators! Sputnik! Who would've thought you could build albums from the sounds of such things? Well, maybe Einstürzende Neubauten for a few of them, but if we're talking decades before that (early '60s or thereabouts), the only possible answer is those wacky field-recording documentarians at Folkways Records. That's where almost all these musique concrete slabs came from, though it was impossible to resist sneaking in a selection from The Restaurant Album, not to mention "Forest of Giant Sequoyas of Later Jurassic," which probably wasn't really recorded then, but who knows?

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