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Vintage Dub Meets Humid Nights

Vintage Dub Meets Humid Nights


Few genres are as tailor-made for summer living as roots reggae’s psychedelic little brother known as dub. Borne of Jamaica’s tropical climate, where the temperature sits solidly in the 80s with a distinctive blend of sticky, humid air and refreshingly cool breezes, the music’s deliciously undulating patterns of gargantuan bass, deliriously dense reverb and kinetic percussion perfectly complement the mind/body state that comes with such weather: woozy psychic detachment, skin that’s sweaty and sunbaked, and that all-too-odd desire to be active and inert simultaneously.

With my Vintage Dub Meets Humid Nights playlist, you get 20 heavyweight dub classics from the likes of Lee “Scratch” Perry (and his Upsetters), King Tubby, Augustus Pablo, Linval Thompson, Prince Far I, The Scientist and the wildly underrated Keith Hudson (who was known as the “Dark Prince of Reggae” -- such a great title). Additionally, make sure to explore the five albums below, as each one represents a landmark recording in dub’s utterly unique evolution since emerging as its own identifiable movement in the early 1970s. But be forewarned: Dub has a knack of turning even the most casual of listeners into lifelong obsessives. It really is that awesome.

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