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The Ultimate Thanksgiving Dinner Playlist

by Linda Ryan

The Ultimate Thanksgiving Dinner Playlist

About this playlist

For many, Thanksgiving is an eagerly awaited gathering of cherished friends and loved ones, as well as a time to reflect and be grateful. This annual tradition is a celebration of all that is held dear. For others, Thanksgiving is a dreaded, drama-filled obligation and a boon to therapists. Either way, it's the hour or two at the dinner table that are the most important. Memories -- both good and bad -- are made here, where communication and cooperation intersect with phrases such as, "Please pass the stuffing."

This year, we opted to skip tunes about mashed potatoes, jive turkeys or hot gravy. Instead, we've crafted a playlist to both fill awkward silences and inspire conversation -- one peppered with jazzy rhythms and salty arrangements, perfectly seasoned for the occasion. So hit play and dig in.

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