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Radio: No. 1 Hits of the '70s

Radio: No. 1 Hits of the '70s

by Linda Ryan  |  August 16, 2014

Radio: No. 1 Hits of the '70s

What's not to love about the '70s? As far as music is concerned, the era was highlighted by an abundance of lite rock, bubblegum pop, disco, funk and some very early New Wave gems. Again -- what's not to love?

Back then, few would have predicted that young Michael Jackson would eventually be known as The King of Pop, or that the distinctive harmonies of the Bee Gees would be percolating under a disco beat by the end of the decade. At least as surprising is the fact that the propulsive rhythms used by many '70s funk artists would later become the backbone for many of the rap classics of the '80s and '90s.

Even if you weren't around then, the music of the time tells a fantastic story. Often it's a short one: Can any other decade beat the '70s for the amount of one-hit wonders and novelty songs? We think not.

As you may have guessed from its title, this radio station takes the very best of the 1970s and creates one fantastic listening experience that includes hit after hit after hit -- each and every one a chart topper, from flat-out classics to more absurd guilty pleasures. Hit play and enjoy the grooviest songs of the decade.