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Boy Bands, Then and Now

by Rachel Devitt

Boy Bands, Then and Now

About this playlist

Backstreet's back, all right! And they've teamed up with the equally revitalized New Kids on the Block for brand-new super-boy-band extravaganza NKOTBSB, which has got grown-up ladies squealing like little girls. The tag-team revival of these two beloved groups got us thinking about the history of boy bands not to mention their present and their future. Covering boy-band-friendly styles from contemporary pop to Motown, from Latin to New Jack Swing, we've assembled a mega-mix that encompasses squeal-worthy classics and big hits, as well as visions of what these "boys" have been doing since growing up to be, well, men. (Justin Timberlake's recent Saturday Night Live/Lonely Island three-peat, anyone?) So get out your favorite boy-band poster (we know you still have it somewhere), call your best girlfriends and get ready to moon over your long-lost crushes.