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'90s Pop Workout Mix

by Annie Zaleski

'90s Pop Workout Mix


About this playlist

From Sporty Spice's karate kicks and tracksuits to RuPaul's fierce encouragement to "Work it, girl!", pop music from the '90s is tailor-made for working up a sweat. Exhibit A: The chart domination of Hi-NRG Eurotechno (Real McCoy, Corona, Amber), the emergence of Swedish pop (Ace of Base, Aqua) and house-music crossover hits (Crystal Waters, Robin S.). Exhibit B: The decade's cheeseball hits (Will Smith, Rednex) and one-hit wonders (Quad City DJs' "C'mon 'N' Ride It (The Train)," Crush's "Jellyhead"), as well as the dancefloor designs of pop stars (Janet Jackson, Madonna, Mariah Carey). Take a spin through our '90s Pop Workout Mix and reminisce about the flashy tunes that cemented the decade's brisk-beat business.

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